St. Margaret Mary Music


Adult Choir

The Adult Choir is an ensemble of men and women who support the worship service through the performance of sacred music. Rehearsals are held on Thursday from 7-9 PM in the church, September through Pentecost.


The role of Cantor is a very ancient one, rooted in the Jewish Liturgy. Cantors proclaim the psalms and lead the congregation in song. Rehearsals are held every other Thursday from 6 - 7 PM.

Children's Choir

The Children's Choir is an ensemble of children who support the worship service through the performance of sacred music during Sunday liturgies throughout the year. Rehearsals are held on Thursday from 6-7 PM in the church hall. Check the bulletin for more information.


The St. Margaret Mary Ensemble is a symphonic group that includes stringed, brass, woodwind and keyboard instruments, and features harmonized vocals. The Ensemble generally plays twice monthly according to the needs of the parish and is in its seventh year of ministry. The makeup of the group is determined by the need for specific instruments and the space limitations of the performance area. The Ensemble welcomes as many talented musicians as can be effectively managed.

Contemporary Group

This ministry seeks to provide uplifting worship that celebrates Mass,
while engaging God’s people into full, active participation at our Sacred Liturgy.